Andrea Camilleri: The magic of storytelling

The Aula Magna of Palazzo Gallenga at the University for Foreigners of Perugia was the beautiful setting of the cultural event that took place on September 26, 2019: “The magic of storytelling”, a tribute to the writing and genius of Andrea Camilleri. Initially, this initiative coincided with the conferral of the Honoris Causa Degree, but the passing of Camilleri on July 17, 2019, altered the original program.

Professor Giovanni Capecchi, promoter of the initiative, highlights how Camilleri’s cultural and civic contributions and his peculiar narrative ‘language’ creations perfectly merge with the values and objectives of the University of Perugia. For the past century, Perugia institution fostered the dialogue between cultures and people, aware that the combination of culture and education can fight prejudice and divisions.

Following, Professor Marci from Cagliari University was the first academic exponent in the 90s to praise the Camillerian genius and to promote in time three important initiatives. The first were seminars on Andrea Camilleri’s Opera that have become from national realities, worldwide events; secondly, the Camillerian Notebooks, a magazine dedicated to multidisciplinary analysis, and lastly, the Camillerian Index that collects and analyzes the words and expressions of the great Sicilian writer.

The event saw the crucial contributions of Professor Piccini from the University of Perugia, who analyzed Camilleri as a poet, of Professor Biondi, from the University of Florence, who gave a speech on how the Camillerian works describe the 17th century, of Professor Scrivano, from the University of Perugia, who developed renaissance themes, of Professor Costa, from Roma Tre University, who gave an in-depth analysis of Pirandellian elements, and lastly, of Professor Costanza Geddes di Filicaia, from the University of Macerata, who traced crucial elements of Italian narrative. 

The afternoon session saw the important participation of the writer and literary critic Luca Crovi (Camilleri counterfeiter) and of the screenwriter Salvatore De Mola (Montalbano), who gave considerable space to the views and the thoughts revolving around Camilleri, this flow of perspectives was possible thanks to the significant involvement of Professor Filippo Lupo, President of Camilleri Fan Club.Giuliano Giubilei, RAI journalist, focused on the emotional impact the death of Andrea Camilleri had on mass media.

Very interesting were also the contributions of Bruno Taburchi, from the cultural association of Lettori Sottotraccia and of Annamaria Romano from the cultural association Clizia.Simonetta Agnello Hornby, close friend of Andrea Camilleri, concluded the night with personal anecdotes and considerations on the great friendship that united them. The intense, articulated and cross-thematic event, met the approval and the interest of the audience.Mrs. Rosetta Dello Siesto, wife of Camilleri, their 3 children and grandchildren attended the event.

Guglielmo Marconi University was represented by Professor Giuseppe Fabiano, professor of clinical methodology and author of the book "Nel segno di Andrea Camilleri. Dalla narrazione psicologica alla psicopatologia".

Andrea Camilleri: The magic of storytelling