Let’s talk Masters at the City Unity College of Cyprus

Arturo Lavalle, Head of the R&D Area, participated as Guglielmo Marconi University representative at the meeting hosted by the City Unity College of Cyprus on May 7-10, 2019. The meeting saw the participation of the President and some Professors of the College of Cyprus, a branch of the City Unity College of Athens, to discuss the distribution of the two masters, Public Administration and Educational Leadership, in blended format in the Cypriot territory.
According to the committee, the Cypriot Masters should have a total workload of 90 ECTS, hence, the future objectives concern producing material for the two existing programs, and stipulating the agreement regarding financial fees distribution. Nonetheless, GMU also participated at the EMEA Economic and Investment Forum. The forum was a great event to present GMU’s activities related to the new digital age, introducing important concepts and realties based on the same topic. Specifically, one of the representatives of the University of Middlesex (UK) gave a very interesting speech, addressing issues regarding 4.0 training.

For more information, send an email to i.reggiani@unimarconi.it