Conclusive “Data-Driven Innovation in the Industry 4.0” lesson

“Data-driven Innovation in the Industry 4.0” was a 10-day training course focusing on data-driven analysis applied to the various University departments including engineering, economy, legal and humanistic sciences. The last lesson was held on December 14th, 2018 and treated the impact of digital transformation on Project Management, the importance of including Big Data and Data Analytics in Project Management Strategy, the new set of skills required by Project Manger 4.0, Project Manager in SME and it concluded with the presentation of in-depth case studies. The conclusive lesson saw the participation of illustrious relators including Arturo Lavalle, Research and Development Area Coordinator, Gabriele Provinciali, Solution Architect, Oracle – Innovation Solution Team, Michele Petrocelli, Political Economy and Monetary Economy Professor at Unimarconi, Paolo Fedi, Founder Innovation Strategy Advisor and member of CDA Manager Italia, and last but not least Claudia De Davide, CEO of Akhet s.r.l. The relators respectively tackled crucial Industry 4.0 topics including, digital transformation, project society and the future of project management; species evolution and web services on a global scale; innovative project management, social sciences in relation to business; big data and lastly, case studies in the field of archeological intervention. The lesson was highly stimulating, providing the participants fundamental knowledge, skills and hands-on cases applicable to the everyday life. With this in mind on January 25th, 2018, the students are invited to join the round table to draw the final conclusions and receive the participation certificates.

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Data-Driven Innovation in the Industry 4.0