DISCOVER Project: Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and New Technologies

DISCOVER project held its second meeting in Warsaw, Poland, on March 27-29, organized by the renowned Industrial Research Institute of Automation and Measurements PIAP, a robotics firm best known for its important technological achievements in the Industry. DISCOVER is an exploitation of synergies within the research sphere. It promotes innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and the use of new technologies, by encouraging the collaboration between VET (Vocational Education and Training) Institutions, HEIs and research centers. The most interesting aspect of this project is precisely the contribution to the development of innovative methods and pedagogies enhancing the effectiveness of ICTs and of new technologies as the main drivers of progress in VET education and training. DISCOVER aims at providing non-formal educational training programs and resources to improve key digital and STEM competences of less proficient STEM VET learners, in particular by linking STEM to Art & Design (STEAM). The conference mainly focused on developing new Master Classes, such as the Route to Science Class, designed by HEI staff and students and organized at VET schools as extracurricular activity. The project strategy combines on site lab tours and informative interactive talks on preselected scientific topics with relevant aspects from young people’s lives. DISCOVER is not only a driver of progress but also a pivotal actor in directing the EU Goals towards innovation, the intersection of science and society and the promotion of formal and non-formal education between teachers, students and researchers.

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