Marconi Industry 4.0 Innovation Training Lab!

marconi industry 4 300x260Guglielmo Marconi University launched a cycle of thematic lessons on Industry 4.0. It highlights the connections between national educational strategy and governmental tools promoted in each GMU faculty. The University core aim is to innovate and to integrate the current course studies in order to provide students with transversal competencies required by Industry 4.0. In this way, the University will build up a more qualified workforce able to compete successfully in national and international environments.

Bearing in mind this strategic vision, GMU professors presented the new cycle of thematic lessons on February 3, 2017. During the event, they introduced two core themes: “Marconi Industry 4.0 – Innovation Training Lab learning pathway and Industry 4.0: Sinergy between Universities and companies”. At the end of the event, speakers, audience and businessmen took part in a fruitful Round Table focused on the “Evolution of companies in the Industry 4.0 scenario: from smart student to smart worker”. The discussion was vivid and mutually enriching.

Restyled Masters in International Business Administration and Education Leadership for the Spanish Edition!

Guglielmo Marconi University has just renewed the Spanish edition of Master in International Business Administration and Master in Education Leadership. The first one is focused on the development of a global career at a strategic decision making level to the forefront of business theory and management practice. In one year pathway students will gain the skills and knowledge required to manage markets and international entrepreneurial environments. They will examine in depth key subjects such as finance, management, economics, marketing, and strategy.

Another great opportunity for students will be the Master in Education Leadership which has been renewed and restyled for Spanish Edition as well. It is addressed to students who aspire to be leaders in the field of education dealing with innovative research and practice in leadership, as well as management and administration of educational institutions. Graduates will either gain academic and practical skills in oral communication, problem solving, critical thinking and team building.

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Guglielmo Marconi University and Accademia Costume & Moda together for a NEW International Master in FASHION!

Accademia Costume e ModaGuglielmo Marconi University (GMU) in cooperation with Accademia Costume & Moda (ACM) have developed and totally renewed the International Master in Fashion. The new Master will last 12 months. It will be provided in a blended methodology consisting of distance learning modules, workshop and traditional learning Labs, and a practical experience through the development of a final project work. Lessons will be focused on History of the Fashion Industry, Style and Design, Design Theory and Practice, Introduction to Fashion Drawing, Pattern- Cutting and Construction, Luxury Brand Management, Contemporary Fashion Promotion and Distribution, and Industry Analysis. Workshop and face to face Labs will be focused on Fashion Design in Practice, Product Design development, Fashion Communication & Styling.

The forerunner learning path will benefit from the prestigious Fashion School founded in 1964 which was included in the rank of the best 50 Fashion Schools of 2016 in the rank processed by Business of Fashion. The Global Influence, the Learning Experience and the Long-term value were awarded. Fashion and Show Business have reinforced their common roots in the actual learning offer thanks either to the effective synergy between GMU academic experience and the Accademia Costume & Moda fashion heritage. The international and global approach finally will ensure a competitive International Master in Fashion.

Acce(n :-)diScienza, National Project Funded by MIUR to promote E-learning on Modern Physics

INFNItalian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) have funded two innovative projects submitted by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) within the call programme “Initiatives to spread Scientific Culture”. One of those was “Acce(n :-)diScienza (Light Science) - A portal to access to scientific contents and to turn on the interest of anyone”. The project, led by INFN, has been submitted in cooperation with the Consortium GARR (Italian Telematics Network of University and Research) and Guglielmo Marconi University.

The main aim is to achieve a sharper and more widespread dissemination of science through laboratories. Project aims at developing an innovative tool to attract the interest of a broader audience on modern physics’ topics. The online pathway integrates the traditional training offer.

Acce(n :-)diScienza will consist of an e-learning Portal developed through Moodle software in Italian and English language structured in four content levels addressed to High School teachers and students, primary school pupils and broad interested audience.

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RENEWED International Master in Interior Design 100% of Made in Italy – 100% of Training Innovation!

Quasar Design UniversityGuglielmo Marconi University (GMU) in cooperation with Quasar Design University (QDU) have developed and totally renewed the International Master in Interior Design. Students have the great opportunity to explore the unique Italian Design heritage benefiting from a multidisciplinary training pathway able to effectively merge qualified professional knowledge and amazing practical experience of Italian Made in Italy in Rome.

Master consists of one year of intense training characterized by fundamentals modules and on site practical experience at Quasar Design University in Rome. Students benefit from an Excellent Design Culture in which the highest quality design Higher Education is, in fact, the backbone of the Art School.

Top architects and designers are totally committed to teach in an international multi-perspective background. Beside that, blended courses methodology allows students to work and study at the same time, while Quasar on site project work effectively allows students to exploit theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom and apply in the real world. Program modules and laboratories are tailored on latest labour market’s requirement focusing on design Foundations for Interior Design, Design Techniques, Architectural Management, Design & Entrepreneurship and Specialist training - Design Direction.

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