The President and General Director of Unimarconi, Alessio Acomanni, and the CEO of AICAD Business School, Hermel Balcàzar

Collaboration between Unimarconi and AICAD Business School

Unimarconi improves its international dimension through a new partnership envisaging the introduction of 8 new Master programs in Spanish language for South American students.

The President and General Director of Unimarconi, Alessio Acomanni, and the CEO of AICAD Business School, Hermel Balcàzar, signed the collaboration agreement. The Research & Development and International Relations Area will be responsible for its implementation.

Collaboration between Unimarconi and AICAD Business School
Alternative Bearers for Rail - COLA Meeting 7th May 2021

Alternative Bearers for Rail - COLA Meeting 7th June 2021

The third important meeting between the X2Rail project consortium and the AB4Rail project partners was held on June 7, 2021. AB4Rail partners presented the latest advances on the procedure to assess the Alternative Bearers (ABs) in the rail sector to support train operations.

AB technologies related to Adaptable Communication System (ACS) will be evaluated in each rail scenario (such as station, metro, regional and main line) and for each ACS traffic class (such as critical data, critical video, critical voice and non-critical data).

The AB eligibility will consider the evaluation of both (i) the aggregate radio capacity (peak and average) and (ii) the latency, for each ACS traffic class. Furthermore, other specific criteria will be considered such as the impact on the existing infrastructure, the technology maturity, and coexistence issues.

Lars Bruehl (SMO) highlighted the need of investigating economic impacts of ABs. Also, Kerstin Keil (DB) suggested to consider 5G as a technology to compare with selected ABs, when applicable.

The next meeting will be on July 5, 2021!

Short Course in Shariah Compliant Finance

Short Course in Shariah Compliant Finance (Islamic Finance)

Seize the opportunity to develop your professional skills and deepen your knowledge of the contemporary finance system with our new online short course in Sharia Compliant Finance (Islamic Finance). The course, designed by international experts of the industry, covers the concepts of one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the economy, Islamic financial system, and enables students to understand, analyse and critically examine the purpose, principles and concepts of today’s Islamic financial markets, instruments and institutions.

Upon completion of the course each participant with be awarded a certificate of attendance.

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“Future Railway Communication Systems: the FRMCS and the ACS two contrasting approaches” presented in Future Network Security: Challenges & Opportunities Workshop!

The Scientific board of AB4Rail joined the International workshop “Future Network Security: Challenges & Opportunities Workshop”, held virtually on 22th – 24th March 2021. They introduced the importance of the telecommunication systems in terms of performance and connection stability for rail applications, the two most promising approaches Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) together with the Adaptable Communication System (ACS) and their design philosophies. The objective of this workshop, successfully achieved was to bring together experts from the globe and create a joint platform for information exchanges, presentation of results, and fruitful discussions to identify gaps and future directions for the IEEE FNI Security Working Group.

AB4Rail kick-off meeting

First meeting and dissemination event to launch the AB4RAIL core challenges

Radiolabs as project coordinator and the Open University Guglielmo Marconi organised the first meeting and dissemination event to introduce the AB4Rail project to the railway audience on February 4th.

AB4Rail logoThe project has been funded within the framework of the Horizon and the Shift2Rail European Programs. In the two project years will be mainly aimed at identifying alternative wireless technologies (or alternative bearers) for communications in the railway sector, at studying and assessing the communication protocols for railway applications and finally at disseminating the project results among stakeholders, industrial partners, and within programs of the railway world such as Shif2Rail and X2Rail-5.

Representatives from the European Union Agency for Railways, the Shift2Rail and X2Rail-5 initiatives have enriched the debate pointing out the most important needs and trends of the Rail sector.

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