The School of Arts at Marconi University aims to explore and interpret the rich diversity of human endeavour and creative expression in our ever-changing world, starting from classical tradition. Traditional subjects such as Literature, Philosophy, History, Classical Studies, Archaeology and Art History have been joined by disciplines such as Music, Communication, Performing and Visual Arts, and Cinematic Arts and Design, allowing students to respond effectively to new developments and to adapt to changing circumstances. A wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses relevant to professional and vocational needs are offered, representing the three main sectors (languages and literatures, fine arts and humanities). The teaching staff contributes to the high academic and scientific standards of the School through a wide range of experience and knowledge in Italian teaching and research, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Thanks to a broad network of international relations, many study abroad opportunities for both domestic and international students are offered, providing a stimulating environment aiming to produce high-profile professionals able to enter different working environments.

Dean: Prof. Romano Lazzeroni

Dean of the School of Arts at the Marconi University. Degree in Glottology (1952) and Postgraduate Certificate (1953) at the University of Pisa. After having studied abroad at the Heidelberg University and the University of Bonn he got his teaching habilitation in 1958. In 1965 he held the chair of Glottology at the University of Palermo and, in 1966, at the University of Pisa. Member of Lincean Academy since 1991. Vice-Rector of the University of Pisa (1975-1983). Head of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pisa (1983-1985 and 1997-2004). Member (1988-1992) and President (1988-1994) of the National Research Council (CNR) (National Committee for Philology, Linguistics and Philosophy).
President of the Italian Society of Glottology (1984-1986). Vice-President of the Italian Association of Sanskrit Studies. Director of the Course of Italian Language and Culture for Foreign Students at the University of Pisa. Honorary member of the Italy-India Association. President of the Evaluation Committee of the University of Pisa. Co-director of the "Italian Linguistic Archives". Co-director of "Indologica Taurinensia". Director of the journals "Studi e Saggi Linguistici" and "L'Italia Dialettale". Professor emeritus of the University of Pisa since 2005. Bearer of the Cherubino order of the University of Pisa. Italian Order of Merit for Culture and Art (Gold Class).