The School of Applied Sciences and Technologies is a leader in preparing students for the rapidly increasing job opportunities currently available in the emerging technology sectors. The School identifies itself with a focus on fundamental sciences and scientific knowledge application. The wide range of courses, programs and curricula offered are continuously updated according to current developments in Science, Information Technology and Computer Science. The School strives to continuously provide a dynamic environment that seeks to foster academic innovations and excellence in teaching, learning and research. The School’s primary research focus is on studies involving the application of physical and mathematical techniques to fundamental investigations and emerging areas within the physical and life sciences.

Dean: Prof. Paolo Citti

Prof. Paolo Citti holds a degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Pisa University. His main fields of research are: Security in the mechanic constructions; Civil Defense (Methods of evaluating risk in industrial context); Structural dynamics; Industrial diagnostic; Textile machines; Machines design and construction; Automatic machines; Nanotechnologies; Development of innovating design methods (Design for Safety, Probabilistic Approach to Design, Design for Reliability, Design for Quality, Design for Six Sigma, Eco-Design); Regulation, certification and quality.
Actually he is Director of CESPRO (Research Institute on Safety and Civil/Environmental Defense at Florence University), Member of the Special Commission on Safety for the Florence University, President of the association Sei Sigma Italian Academy, vice-President of the Tuscan-Ligurian section of the Italian Association Quality Culture, Coordinator of the Scientific Committee within the Research Prato Foundation (Research institute for developing activities on Safety and Civil/Environmental Defense), Registered Member of MIUR (Italian Ministry for Universities and Research) and MSE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) for the technic-scientific evaluation of research programs in industrial and technological innovation. The recent publications in English by Prof. Citti are: "Design and testing of a MRF rotational damper for vehicle applications", Journal Smart Materials and Structures – Vol.19 n.6 – 2010; "Real time detection and tracking of gauzes by RFID -UWB Technique" - IEEE International Conference on RFID 2010 – Orlando – Florida, April 2010; "The Lean Six Sigma Approach for Process Improvement: A Case Study in a High Quality Tuscany Winery" – Journal of AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING – Vol. 4 - 2010; "Process Optimization Using a New Concept for Process Coupling" - 6th International Conference on Axiomatic Design – KAIST - Daejeon – South Korea – March 2011; "Axiomatic Design for the Development of Eco-Sustainable Metaproducts" - 6th International Conference on Axiomatic Design – KAIST - Daejeon – South Korea – March 2011.