Since it was founded, the University cooperates with Italian and foreign organizations in order to develop innovative strategies and tools to go beyond research’s limits and enhance quality of Higher Education. R&D Area at Guglielmo Marconi University is strongly committed in international cooperation and joint ventures. Core Mission is to develop innovative tools and methodologies in main research fields through international worthwhile synergies. R&D Area strengthened linkages with Higher Education Institutions, Training Agencies, Public Actors and Entrepreneurial Stakeholders carrying out successful international projects they are proud of. Their leading success has come from International projects mainly addressed to:

  • foster the implementation of innovative tools, prototypes and methodologies in core research fields;
  • disseminate best practices and breaking through experimentation at National and International level;
  • contribute to education’s competiveness and globalization process through exchange of academic expertise and worldwide cooperation.

The projects cover a various range of topics, which include: internationalization of Higher Education, institutional communication, micro-finance, transportation, agriculture. All these initiatives are characterized by the innovative use of advanced methodologies, such as digital storytelling, problem based learning, learning supported by intelligent agents and virtual worlds.