Marconi Industry 4.0

The Research & Development Area is actively involved in the analysis of the digital transformation and the so-called Industry 4.0 phenomenon. Marconi Industry 4.0 an entirely dedicated website, is a research cluster fostering the circulation of ideas and resources, connecting companies, associations, start-ups, and emerging 4.0 organizations to create collective and multidisciplinary knowledge. The website offers several initiatives such as the Marconi Industry 4.0 training lab and Data-Driven Innovation in Industry 4.0 courses.

Marconi Industry 4.0 training lab aims at providing GMU students transversal knowledge, integrating the individual academic courses with industry 4.0 skills.

Data Driven Innovation in Industry 4.0 is a 10-day training course focusing on data-driven analysis covering all University departments from engineering to humanistic sciences.