Director: Prof. Andrea Gentile

The DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SCIENCES promotes and coordinates its research activities in the following “macro-areas of research”:

  • Humanities.
  • Linguistic Sciences.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Psychological Sciences.
  • Education Sciences.
  • Philosophical Sciences.

Within these six “macro-areas of research”, the Department uses a wider research network of collaborations with universities and top-class research centers, in Italy and abroad, with interdisciplinary partnerships at national and international level.
The Department of Human Sciences has established and structured its scientific profile in transdisciplinary research lines to encourage and maximize the enhancement of the comparison and scientific productivity, starting from the assumption that the quality and objectives of the research activities of the Department are closely related to the degree of interrelation and collaboration among all its components. Because of its six “macro-areas of research”, that include various scientific-disciplinary sectors in a transversal and interdisciplinary horizon, the Department can make use of the expertise and experience of excellence in the research activities of its components, recognized both nationally and international with over 800 scientific publications in Italy and abroad.

The activities that the Department of Human Sciences has in place to achieve its institutional goals are:

a) Study, research and experimentation activities.

Specifically the Department:

- promotes, coordinates and develop, in collaboration with national and international research centers outside the University, studies and research, both individual and group, in the various scientific-disciplinary sectors that make up and characterize the six «macro-areas of research» of its competence: 1. Humanities; 2. Linguistic sciences area - Linguistic Sciences; 3. Social Sciences; 4. Psychological Sciences; 5. Education Sciences; 6. Philosophical Sciences.
- promotes and coordinates a wide network of research collaborations with universities and research centers of excellence, in Italy and abroad, with interdisciplinary partnerships at national and international level;
- disseminates the results of study and research activities, with adequate documentation and information activities;
- promotes, develops and manages the publication of studies, articles, essays, volumes and research of scientific interest;
- organizes seminars, conferences, workshops and initiatives of a scientific and cultural nature, in collaboration with universities and research centers in Italy and abroad.

b) Third mission.

The Department operates in the sphere of the third mission, favoring the direct application, exploitation and use of knowledge to contribute to the social, cultural, scientific and economic development of contemporary society.
Alongside the top-class research, a central strategic objective of the Department is to implement the challenge of the third mission, which allows a free and open confrontation with cultural life, in order to respond to vital needs for a professional, social, civil and democratic growth of contemporary society.

c) Training activities.

Specifically the Department:

- promotes, coordinates and implements a program of updating and continuing education on the specific cultural issues of the Department;
- promotes research doctorate projects in coordination with other University facilities;
- promotes teaching programs in an educational context that meet the qualification and training needs of highly specialized professional profiles;
- promotes training in areas of innovative scientific and disciplinary research, including through specialization courses,           bachelor degree and post-graduate degree (Master di primo e secondo livello) and the granting of post-graduate scholarships and research doctorates.

Against the background of these objectives, the Department of Human Sciences (Human Sciences) is characterized by a multidisciplinary scientific approach that has been translated:

- in a research community able to dialogue with the problems and emerging issues of contemporary society. The goal is to share a strategy, a methodology and a research network that enhance the different disciplinary logic to promote research activities and areas of interest in terms of investigation, teaching and professional creation.
- in a training offer anchored to the progress of the most qualified scientific research, to the reference professional contexts and updated at national and international level.

The various disciplines and the different scientific-disciplinary sectors contribute to supporting and promoting an innovative educational and training offer, aimed at enhancing the horizons of disciplinary knowledge, the methodological skills and the reference professional contexts. This offer is constantly renewed to meet the challenges of the cultural and professional scenarios of contemporary society in constant technological and scientific transformation.
The multimedia (methods of) teaching adopted on the Guglielmo Marconi University platform favours the use of active methodologies that involve users in the processes of knowledge generation in a participatory, creative and collaborative dimension. For design and audiovisual production and multimedia activities, the Department uses the skills and technologies of the Multimedia Production Center of the Guglielmo Marconi University.