Department of Sustainable Engineering


Prof. Fabio Orecchini
Prof. Fabio Orecchini

Research Officer

Prof. Cinzia Bellone


Prof. Umberto Di Matteo

Prof. Alberto Garinei


The Department of Sustainable Engineering welcomes faculty members and students who are passionate about developing sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life, health and global safety.
Our vision focuses on the concept of Sustainability as the representation of a dynamic science that includes different social, economic and environmental contexts.
The Department is highly committed to the long-term objectives outlined in the Brundtland Report (Our common future, United Nations, 1987) purporting research activities that bridge the gaps between contemporary and future generations. Here, faculty members and students work together to develop innovative processes to use resources, without compromising the environment for future generations.
The Department focuses on three main areas of expertise including development of sustainable solutions, technological resources and social responsibility.
Guglielmo Marconi University Department of Sustainable Engineering serves as pillar to the cultural areas that are currently involved in the study of environmental sustainability, of environmental and territorial protection, and on the development of eco-friendly infrastructures and systems.

Research Areas and Objectives

The Department's main objective is to provide concrete research projects and sustainable initiatives, tackling social, economic and environmental issues. The ultimate goal is disseminate and provide solutions to improve global well-being.
Research Fields:

  • Energy and Sustainability;
  • Urban and Territorial Planning;
  • Planning of infrastructure and Transport;
  • Architectural Planning;
  • Mechanical Engineering;
  • Industrial Engineering;
  • Structural and Geotechnical Engineering;
  • Hydraulic Constructions;
  • Mathematics;
  • Agricultural science.

Research Projects

Noteworthy Projects

MIPAAF: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry: TE VES DIVINO: Identification of homogeneous territorial units (districts) by means of clustering spatial models for the definition of homogenous agricultural-energetic contexts, assessment of technical – economic sustainability of a prototypical agriculture – energetic cluster.

POR-FESR 2013: WISE - Wastewater Integrated System Enhancement: Integration of Meteorological Radar's Network provided with distributed sensors for the development of an automatic control system for drainage system.

PIF 2015 – Integrated Projects - Tuscany Region: LA NOBIL-ETA'" IN UN BICCHIERE: 50 ANNI DI NOBILE DI MONTEPULCIANO": The project is aimed at developing a cooperative platform to support innovation and the technological transfer in the viticulture farms of the Consortium Vino Nobile of Montepulciano. Several activities have been implemented in order to improve the ranking of the viticulture farms of the Consortium within the international market in terms of environmental sustainability.

The Department has signed several Research Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding and Conventions, such as:

VENETO INNOVAZIONE: 2011-2012. Innovation Voucher Program Technological Development for Production, Transport and Storage of Hydrogen as Energy Vector.

STOWELL srl: Practical Research Study on "Feasibility Analysis addressed to the Patent process and to the study of the engineering and prototyping of the cogenerating system named PE-rling";

IASS – Italian Association for Sustainability Science. Memorandum of Understanding;

ENEA – National Agency for the New Technologies, the Energy and the Sustainable Economic Development.