Department of Legal and Political Science


Prof. Raffaele Chiarelli

Prof. Raffaele Chiarelli


The Department of Law and Political Science (LAPS) welcomes faculty members and students who are committed to juridical, political, historical, economic and sociological matters.
Our mission is to foster interdisciplinary research, critical analysis and an understanding of political life in an increasingly globalized world.

The Departments aims at covering important topics including legislative systems, legitimacy and social inclusion, parties and elections, security and immigration, law, or political theory, providing students the opportunity for in-depth study of the circulation, dynamics, and legitimization of political power.

Research Areas and Objectives

LAPS aims at carrying out private and public research projects, integrating these activities with official documentation.
Research Fields:


  • Cultural goods;
  • Security and Immigration;
  • New social values and fundamental rights;
  • Administrative Law;
  • EU and Constitutional rules on bank recovery and resolution;
  • Crisis of the principle of private autonomy;
  • Neuroscience and human empowering;
  • The taxability principle and the metamorphosis of the types of offence: associative offences;
  • Regulation of maritime state concessions for touristic and hotel purposes;
  • European courts and iura novit curia final appellate jurisdiction in the Italian law.

Political Science

  • Democratic Theory;
  • Legitimacy and social inclusion;
  • The End of the National State;
  • European Political Space;
  • The Great War.

Interdisciplinary Projects

  • Crisis and Utopia in the contemporary world;
  • Rise of populism in the European societies;
  • New assets of the Italian political power.

As concerns Previous Experiences in Research Projects, we joined i.e. Interdisciplinary Atlas of Utopia (FIRB 2012), Technocracy, and populism as mirror pathologies of contemporary democracy (PRIN 2015).