Director: Prof. Gabriele Arcidiacono

Reference Person for the Research: Prof. Alessandra Pieroni


The DIIE department gathers people with a long track record in process analysis and optimization for manufacturing an advanced materials, energetics, plant engineering, automotive and control systems, carbon design and soil fertility, carbon footprint. Another branch of expertise is about performance and quality in IT systems, software engineering, data mining, semantic technologies, fixed and mobile telecommunications.

Nowadays we are searching for a new synergy between science and key enabling technologies, as well as between the many academic disciplines the department represents.

Digital technologies are becoming the common playground for our activities, while we all seize the opportunities given by ICT to attack real world problems.

We care for the innovation able to strengthen industrial capacities and business perspectives. Thus we are widely engaged in public-private partnerships (PPPs).

We are willing to contribute to solving societal challenges and to foster cross-cutting aspects, like international cooperation and responsible research and innovation.

The mission of the department consists of bringing together science and practice from diverse technologies and disciplines to connect research and markets while contributing to the knowledge advances.

Main Research Areas and Objectives

The DIIE main research areas are in:

  • Societal (Health, Wellbeing and Ageing well; Democratic change; Secure Clean and Efficient Energy; Carbon design; Resource and Process efficiency; Raw materials)
  • Industrial (Advanced manufacturing and processing; Information and Communication Technologies)
  • Developing key enabling technologies of advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, information and communication technology and contributing to solve societal challenges represent the main objectives of DIIE Department.

As concerns, previous experiences in Research Projects, members of DIIE Department have been involved in national and international research projects, such as: PRIN, FIRB, FP7 and H2020 (RIA/IA/SME).

The Department established collaborations with several industries and research centres, such as: Ferrari, Ahlstrom, FIAT Research Centre, General Electric.