Director: Prof. Alessandro Gennaro


The main aim of the Department of Economic and Managerial Science (DSEA) is to contribute to the advances of knowledge in the fields of economic theory and business management, by stimulating multi-disciplinary research projects, ensuring an high-quality research activity of its members, identifying and promoting new fields of study.

Indeed, the DSEA promotes and coordinates scientific research on economic theories and models, entrepreneurial behaviours, firms' organization and performances, regulation and supervision of financial markets, international business law. Several perspectives are adopted: macroeconomic, managerial, financial, legal, mathematical-statistical.

Following its institutional purposes, the DSEA organizes PhD programmes, MBAs, graduate schools and master classes, seminars and conferences. Combining academic research with specific professional skills of the members, the Department carries out also consulting activities for private companies and public institutions.

Main Research Areas and Objectives

The DSEA operates in different areas of economic research, whose main topics are as follows:

  • Economic theory and models (Economic policies of the European Union; Global economy; Economics of Infrastructure and Transport; Geo-political economics);
  • Corporate governance and business management (Ownership structure and corporate governance systems; Intellectual capital and business performance; Internationalization of firms and "country of origin" effect; Financial management and financing policies; Business valuation);
  • Financial markets and institutions (Financial systems analysis; Banking systems in emerging countries; Economics and management of Financial Intermediaries; Micro-finance; Financial regulation and supervision; Institutional investors and M&A; Risk management);
  • Business Law (International business law; Corporate default and Insolvency; Financial market law; Banking law and banking crises);
  • Mathematics and statistics for economic decisions (Stochastic processes in finance and insurance; Models for economic forecasting and economic behaviours; Geo-statistic and geo-referencing; Data-collection and data-analysis).

As concerns the Previous Experiences in Research Projects, members of DSEA have been involved in national and international research projects. The DSEA established scientific partnerships with research institutes and professional associations that operates in the fields of interest of the Department.