Collaboration Agreements

Guglielmo Marconi University has collaboration agreements with European, American, African, Middle Eastern, Central and South American institutions. These agreements mainly foresee transactional mobility, generate bilateral and multilateral partnerships, develop activities and study programs among institutions that release dual or joint degrees, promote and diffuse the Italian language and culture, ultimately enhancing the quality of academic systems.

Currently Guglielmo Marconi University has stipulated Interuniversity Cooperation Agreements with the following institutions:

gmu age
Athena Global Education

Athena Global Education (AGE) is a pioneer in providing affordable and accredited higher education degrees and certifications through their self-learning online programs. A subsidiary of Westford Education Group, another longstanding partner of Guglielmo Marconi University – Athena Global Education specializes in educational products that offer a high degree of flexibility to its learners.

Guglielmo Marconi University offers a variety of programs in multiple domains through its collaboration with Athena Global Education. These programs are delivered through well-designed Learning Resources and assessed through projects that are developed as per the highest standards practiced at our university.

The agreement provides for Athena Global Education students to be enrolled in Guglielmo Marconi University degree programmes, including:

  • Master of Business Administration/International MBA
  • Master in Data Science with Artificial Intelligence
  • Master in Data Science with Data Analytics
  • Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Master in Healthcare Management & Leadership
  • Master in in Supply Chain Management

Learners successfully completing programs offered by Athena Global Education in collaboration with Guglielmo Marconi University will have the distinction of being part of our prestigious alumni network and can attend the convocation ceremony conducted on our campus.

To know more about the programs and certifications offered by Athena Global Education, please visit their official website – or send an email at


Fundación UVirtual is a pioneering institution in virtual education based in Bolivia, with more than 15 years of experience, specialized in the development of educational technology and implementation of academic processes in virtual environments. It makes its technology and experience available to select universities, facilitating the dissemination of its academic programs around the world and making it possible for thousands of students to access a first-class virtual education.

GMU and Fundación UVirtual jointly offer the following programs:

  • Máster in Diseño Industrial
  • Máster en Ingeniería del Gas Natural

The two masters are provided in Spanish language.

To know more about the programs, please visit

gmu BHGE
Collaboration with BHGE - Baker Hughes at General Electric

The collaboration with BHGE integrates three new modules to the third year of B.A. Degree in Industrial Engineering, concerning Industry 4.0. The modules include: (1) Product Definition for Industry 4.0, (2) Digital Models for Industry 4.0 applied to the Workshop and (3) Lean Manufacturing for Industry 4.0.

gmu GSM
Collaboration with European Graduate School of Management

The collaboration with EGSM provides MBA programs and individual modules, issuing both GMU MBA and attendance certificates for individual courses and students who meet the requirements.

Collaboration with ARCASIA - Architects Regional Council Asia

The collaboration with ARCASIA issued the Workshop "Digital Pedagogy for the Architectural Education & Practice – Innovation

Collaboration with CEARS Patras

The collaboration with CEARS represents GMU first foreign partner granting 50% of the total registrations and memberships.

gmu USTP
Collaboration with the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines

The collaboration includes the promotion of the Master in Interior Design.

gmu infn
INFN Collaboration of Frascati for Meetings of Physics 2.0 and Meetings of Modern Physics

USGM collaboration with INFN provides courses for teachers, the Modern Physics Meetings (already provided by different editions and in attendance) and 2.0 Physical Meetings (with online content).

gmu oliver
Collaboration with Oliver Wyman

The collaboration between Oliver Wyman and GMU aims at promoting, developing and coordinating seminars on banking governance, named "Board Academy" program, supervised by BCE.

gmu enea
Collaboration with ENEA

The agreement provides the creation of a of Digital Innovation Hub - TREK (Training, Research, Enterprise and Knowledge) promoting digital transformation in industrial processes, embracing important issues such as environmental sustainability and training of trainers on new skills.

gmu ebs
Eaton Business School

Eaton Business School (EBS), an enterprise of the Westford Education Group through its strategic partnership with Guglielmo Marconi University provides Executive MBA Degrees in various specializations to the working executives across the world. Operating out of their United Arab Emirates office, EBS currently has hundreds of students pursuing the GMU MBA programs from Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. EBS makes optimum use of the technology and highly experienced industry professionals as faculties to provide a flexible and enriching learning experience. Guglielmo Marconi University has entered into a multi-level strategic partnership with Eaton Business School which includes delivering the MBA Degree awarded by Guglielmo Marconi University including the validation and articulation of the PG Diploma programs offered by EBS enabling the learners to do a top-up MBA program with the University. The GMU-EBS partnership provides the learners an opportunity to pursue the following courses

  • MBA in International Business (IMBA)
  • Executive MBA in Supply Chain & Logistics Management
  • Executive MBA in HealthCare Management
  • Executive MBA in Human Resource Management
  • Executive MBA in Business Analytics
  • Executive MBA in General Management
  • Executive MBA in Project Management.

The learners choosing MBA programs of Guglielmo Marconi University through EBS, earns dual qualifications – A Post Graduate Advanced Diploma awarded by Cambridge International Qualifications (CIQ), UK and the MBA from GMU.
To know more about the courses offered by Eaton Business School, please visit or email to


Academy of Economics, Law and Humanities - Academy VEGU - Russia

Accrediting Council For Independent Colleges and Schools (ASICS) - USA

Argosy University - USA

L'Azerbaijan Tourism Institute - Azerbaijan

Baku Business University - Azerbaijan

Belarusian State University - Belarus

CEARS, Center of Academic Research and Studies - Greece

CEIPA Business School - Colombia

Eaton Business School - (GCC and African Countries)

Euroasian Open Insitute - Russian Federation

European Graduate School of Management

European University of Tirana - Albania

International Humanitarian University (Odessa) - Ukraine

International University Travnik - Bosnia Erzegovina

Italian American Museum - USA

Kujawy and Pomorze University in Bydgoszcz - Poland

KYIV National University of Trade and Economics - Ukraine

La Fundacion Universitaria CEIPA - Colombia

MIT University - Macedonia

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering - Russia

N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod - Russia

Nahada University - Egypt

Northern Illinois University - USA

Polytechnic Institute of Braganca - Portugal

Russian State Social University - Russia

SRH Fernhochschule Riedlingen - Germany

Talal Abu Ghazaleh University - Jordan

Texas A&M University (Top 500 QS Ranking) - USA

UAS Technikum Wien – Austria

UDIMA - Madrid Open University - Spain

Universidad Autonoma del Caribe - Colombia

Universidad Cuenca de la Plata - Argentina

Universidad de Oviedo - Spain

Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega - Peru

Universidad Internacional de La Rioja - Spain

Universidad Manuela Beltrán - Colombia

Universidad Nacional Abierta (UNA) - Venezuela

Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Università Commerciale e di Giurisprudenza di Leopoli - Ukraine

Universitè Hassiba Benbouali - Algeria

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics – China

Uvirtual – Bolivia

Maximus Training Center – Bahrain

WellGrow Training - Cairo