Workshop in Digital Pedagogy for Architecture

Guglielmo Marconi University is proud to announce that the Digital Pedagogy for Architectural Education and Practice Workshop will take place in Rome on October 8-12, 2018. We are pleased to invite professionals, faculty members and students who wish to learn more about the impact of Smart Technology, to the 5-day workshop proposed by GMU. It is a great initiative that aims at examining the current social, cultural and economic situation that sees technology as the main protagonist of our architectural pedagogy, and how to adapt successfully to the rapidly changing environment.  Given these points, the workshop aims at: (a) illustrating the impact of digital e-learning technologies on current professions and how to improve educational institutes accordingly; (b) examining emerging capabilities, tools, skills sets and those professions that require ‘new skills’; (c) preparing participants to become future innovation leaders and train them on Smart Technologies. GMU’s workshop mission is to provide the attendants with a valuable innovation roadmap/strategy, bridging the gaps between technology, human and information resources.

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Workshop in Digital Pedagogy for Architecture

1st summer school in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation Amidst an Economic Crisis

Guglielmo Marconi, the TEI of Western Greece and Digital Innovation Laboratory co-organized the 1st Summer School in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation, hosted by Entrepreneurship the Summer School. The laboratory was a one-week intensive programme that aimed at improving the linkages between new entrepreneurs with top niche technologies.

The objective of the event was to target people interested in start-up businesses and to stimulate the circulation of innovative ideas. The programme was divided in two sections, the morning lectures focused on specific topics related to issues like, marketing, coaching, financing etc., while the afternoon workshops aimed at putting theoretical knowledge into practice, availing of real life examples.  All sessions were delivered by University Lecturers, trained teachers and professionals. In addition, successful entrepreneurs shared their views and ideas with the participants in a special lecture about ‘how to become successful’.

1st summer school in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation

All on the XIII international GUIDE conference in Rome

Guglielmo Marconi University hosted the XIII International GUIDE Conference in Rome on May 3rd and 4th 2018. The conference welcomed universities coming from all over the globe including Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Poland, Spain and the U.S.A. The two-day conference featured 26 Academic Presentations educating the 60 participants on the Fourth Industrial Revolution by addressing topics such as the new pedagogical approaches developing in the digital era, as well as Educational Robotics and Educational strategies for smart manufacturing. Amongst the notable speakers there were Dr. Aditi Pathak, from UNESCO MGIEP, Dr. Vito Borelli, from the European Commission, Dr. Igor Danilov and Arturo Lavalle, International Relation, Research and Development Coordinator at GMU. The focus of the conference was centered around the impact of new technologies on educational strategies, on professional skills and competences, and on the development of new jobs in the 4TH Industrial Revolution. In addition, the speakers stressed the growing importance of virtual labs as immersive tools for long-distance education, including gamification, as the means of making the learning experience more challenging and stimulating. The event was characterized by longitudinal research projects based on strong visual examples, case studies and hands-on experiences, rather than on conceptual knowledge, allowing a greater comprehension and exchange between the academic and the professional spheres. The conference concluded with a progressive statement on the Internationalization of Higher Education that sees the launch of a virtual mobility initiative involving the members of GUIDE and the educational institutions who wish to participate.

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XIII International GUIDE Conference

GMU Master in Interior Design: A step towards Internationalization

Strategic planning and management skills combined with creativity, unconventional forms and solutions provide students the tools to harmonize desires and images with essential practical needs. The new Master in Interior Design – available in English language – combines three fundamental elements including design, entrepreneurship and “the made in Italy”. The concept behind the implementation of these characteristics relies on the notion that a sure path to success for a ‘contemporary interior designer’ should integrate design with both managerial skills and entrepreneurial competences. In this realm of multidisciplinary learning, students also have the opportunity to come to Rome and explore the unique Italian design heritage, integrating knowledge with fundamental practical experiences. The program’s core courses focus on Foundations for Interior Design, Design Techniques, Architectural Management, Design & Entrepreneurship, Specialist training - Design Direction and Venture Lab. The innovative operational blended format allows graduated students, entrepreneurs and professional, to work and study contemporarily, tailoring the individual necessities to the latest market trends and needs.

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Master in Interior Design

Raising synergy between GMU and the National Professional Regulation Commission of Architecture

On April 19, 2018, Arturo Lavalle, alongside other notable figures such as Dr. Yolanda Reyes, was invited to speak at the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission of Architecture in Manila, Philippines – one of the partnering countries. The cooperation meeting aimed at promoting the new Master in Interior Design and the one-week Workshop on Digital Pedagogy for the Architectural Education & Practice abroad. GMUs innovative learning methodologies attract students, professors and collaborates coming from over one-hundred nationalities, successfully breaking the boundaries of distance and space that threaten access to higher education worldwide.

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Arturo Lavalle and Yolanda Reyes