At the 7th Arab-Hellenic Forum held in Athens on 27-28th November, a MoU between Università degli Studi “Guglielmo Marconi”, City Unity College of Athens and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (cross country institution headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt but belonging to the Arab League) was officially sealed.  The strategic collaboration envisions the development of joint programs and courses both in Rome and Athens, specifically working towards the development of special courses based on the expertise and experience of all Parties in Deck, Engine and Operational Management for Marine and Offshore sectors. The development of this relationship explores the potentials and the respective academic and educational needs, crucial in the Mediterranean Region and beyond.

The “Top 25 Performing Universities in International Joint Publications” illustrates the U-Multirank 2018 top performers under the indicator ‘international joint publications’. Guglielmo Marconi University currently ranked 6th out of the top 25 performing universities. The ranking is based on University’s involvement in research international networks and it requires to have at least 75% of their scientific publications, published with co-authors from abroad. The list is characterized by 16 different countries represented by  higher education institutions, including the UK (6), Arab countries (7) and other higher education institutions coming from smaller countries including (e.g., Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Moldova and Iceland) which do not have a large number of potential collaborators within their country.

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U-Multirank International joint publications 2018

Guglielmo Marconi University hosted, on October 25 2018, a very interesting meeting regarding the White Book “Cross Clustering: una estrategia de desarrollo para las Mipymes”. The illustrious speakers Rainer Masera, Luciano Consolati, Andrea Bonalumi and Raffaello Benetti guided the debate. The objective of this initiative was to develop productive, entrepreneurial, technological and associative capacities of the MSMEs and business organizations of metallurgical and mechanical engineering sectors, transferring knowledge and experiences of the Cross Clustering model in Italy. In the first stage of the project, which began in September 2016, a diagnosis was made on two sectors in Chile and Argentina in order to assess the state of the art of the Medium SMEs.

Subsequently, a series of linkage activities with MSMEs and organizations initiated, including a series of webinars aimed at disseminating knowledge, good practices and collaborative work models of the Italian industry. There were also virtual business roundtables that convened Chilean, Argentine and Italian companies in the framework of collaborative work, with the objective of providing a sector analysis, study visits and training webinars and exchange trips
between the cluster representatives and the industrial districts.

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Guglielmo Marconi University is proud to announce that the Digital Pedagogy for Architectural Education and Practice Workshop will take place in Rome on October 8-12, 2018. We are pleased to invite professionals, faculty members and students who wish to learn more about the impact of Smart Technology, to the 5-day workshop proposed by GMU. It is a great initiative that aims at examining the current social, cultural and economic situation that sees technology as the main protagonist of our architectural pedagogy, and how to adapt successfully to the rapidly changing environment.  Given these points, the workshop aims at: (a) illustrating the impact of digital e-learning technologies on current professions and how to improve educational institutes accordingly; (b) examining emerging capabilities, tools, skills sets and those professions that require ‘new skills’; (c) preparing participants to become future innovation leaders and train them on Smart Technologies. GMU’s workshop mission is to provide the attendants with a valuable innovation roadmap/strategy, bridging the gaps between technology, human and information resources.

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Workshop in Digital Pedagogy for Architecture

Guglielmo Marconi, the TEI of Western Greece and Digital Innovation Laboratory co-organized the 1st Summer School in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation, hosted by Entrepreneurship the Summer School. The laboratory was a one-week intensive programme that aimed at improving the linkages between new entrepreneurs with top niche technologies.

The objective of the event was to target people interested in start-up businesses and to stimulate the circulation of innovative ideas. The programme was divided in two sections, the morning lectures focused on specific topics related to issues like, marketing, coaching, financing etc., while the afternoon workshops aimed at putting theoretical knowledge into practice, availing of real life examples.  All sessions were delivered by University Lecturers, trained teachers and professionals. In addition, successful entrepreneurs shared their views and ideas with the participants in a special lecture about ‘how to become successful’.

1st summer school in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation
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