First meeting and dissemination event to launch the AB4RAIL core challenges

Radiolabs as project coordinator and the Open University Guglielmo Marconi organised the first meeting and dissemination event to introduce the AB4Rail project to the railway audience on February 4th.

AB4Rail logoThe project has been funded within the framework of the Horizon and the Shift2Rail European Programs. In the two project years will be mainly aimed at identifying alternative wireless technologies (or alternative bearers) for communications in the railway sector, at studying and assessing the communication protocols for railway applications and finally at disseminating the project results among stakeholders, industrial partners, and within programs of the railway world such as Shif2Rail and X2Rail-5.

Representatives from the European Union Agency for Railways, the Shift2Rail and X2Rail-5 initiatives have enriched the debate pointing out the most important needs and trends of the Rail sector.

For further information, please visit the project website