Erasmus student mobility. The successful story of Giuseppe Caminiti.

Each year Guglielmo Marconi University helps multiple students find the traineeship of their dreams. It is an arduous yet extremely gratifying task for the Erasmus team at GMU to achieve this annual objective. This year we would like to share the story of Giuseppe Caminiti, who recently graduated in Computer Engineering at GMU. Benedetta Canacari, responsible of the Erasmus+ program, had the immense pleasure to meet Mr. Caminiti in 2016, during Career Day. He showed unparalleled motivation and curiosity for the various opportunities and different institutions that were presented to him during the event. Mr. Caminiti was particularly interested in the Fachhochschule Technikum Wien University, where he ended up spending his student mobility for study in 2018. This period marked an extremely crucial moment of Mr. Caminiti’s academic path, who often refers to it as the most important experience of his life. During this time at Technikum Wien University, he had the chance to put into practice all the precious knowledge acquired, breaking the boundaries of his comfort zone. Thanks to his commitment and remarkable curiosity Mr. Caminiti received an important recognition for his academic career abroad. We firmly believe that it is very important for students to experience different realities during their studies, it is a challenging opportunity that allows them to break out of their comfort zone, interact with an international environment, create a useful network of acquaintances, and possibly learn a new language.

Following this semester abroad, Mr. Caminiti embarked on a second Erasmus+ program, and started a traineeship at Ideon Open AB in Lund, Sweden. At Ideon, he worked for various sectors including Information Technology, Marketing and Open Innovation, allowing him to interact with professionals with various expertise.

It is through this experience that Mr. Caminiti got in touch with a startup called “Sense Farming”, that aims at sharing the important research activities produced, with students and correlated sources. This experience contributed greatly to his final project work that focused on innovation: “Technical – scientific design and testing of a watering system for a smart farming”.
With this in mind, we would like to encourage students to challenge themselves by taking advantage of this unparallel opportunity. You never know where life can take you.

Mr. Caminiti will publish his final thesis soon, thanks to the keen collaboration with GMU academic staff and to the precious support of Professors Matteo Martini, Enrico Bocci and Sabino Meola.

We wish all students currently involved or that are planning to be, the best luck with their Erasmus+ programs.