Half a Classroom, Second Edition: a new adventure has started!

The Second Edition of HALF A CLASSROOM (HC) |Building Open Works, for the a.y. 2019-2020, begun on October 9, 2019 with a fascinating seminar dedicated to the labyrinth myth. Silvia Paris, coordinator of the meeting, carried out both the theoretical part, focusing on the relation between philosophy and poetry, and the performative part, an astute commingling of poetic texts chant and of literary readings that accompanied us in the meanders of this complex and dense theme. The program, revolving around ten monthly meetings, covers different artistic fields: singing and theater; sculpture and photography; museum house and poetry; dancing, painting and storytelling. Thanks to the double format envisioned by HC, each encounter foresees a theoretical report and a performative art workshop. These artistic practices offer inedited perspectives, illuminating the underlying theoretical dimension, whereas the theoretical part feeds, in a way, on these, acquiring a concrete meaning by dialoguing with the artistic exemplification.

During the second cycle, the aesthetic experience is associated, to multiple themes in a unique way, varying from myth to disability, from the concept of “threshold” to bioaesthetics, from sign language to artificial intelligence; from mathematics to choreutic theories, and to narrative technologies connected to the various mediality models. The second edition, features a meeting entirely dedicated to undergraduates and graduates of our Athenaeum (Serenella Buratti, Giovanna Iadicicco e Gennaro Viglione), who will present their research proposals adopting the HC format in June. The meeting will see the participation of GMU graduates (Luca Eusebio, Giovanni Catrini, Sarah Lotà), the athenaeum colleagues (Andrea Gentile, Paloma  Brook, Fabio Rinaldi, Domenico Morreale) and of an external member Davide Luglio (Paris 4 Sorbonne), with whom the athenaeum is collaborating on an Erasmus Plus program. The objective of these presentations is to establish a dialogue between the artists, scholars and critics (Giuliano Giansante, Francesco Zizola, Federico Brook, Gianna Paolini, Silvia Leonzi, and Giovanni Ciofalo).

Maria Laura Perilli, curator and art dealer, who participated at the First Edition, will also take part to the Second Edition, presenting at HC the theme of artificial intelligence through artistic works of Filippo Nesci. HC owes great part of their success to the highly involved audience, made by GMU students, undergraduates and graduates, and PhDs students, who actively participate both during the performative part and during the discussions. HC long-term objectives concern the involvement of new students and subscribers, by promoting both online and offline the great initiatives purported by the program.

For those who wish to examine HC work, the First Edition of the seminar is available online on Virtual Campus Unimarconi. HALF A CLASSROOM universe aims at expanding to promote their take on ever-changing social, cultural, and academic environment.