Guglielmo Marconi University launches The Academic Blog

Guglielmo Marconi University takes a step towards digitalization and launches the online academic blog of the homonymous university. The GMU blog is a valuable resource that grants researchers and research activities to reach a broader academic audience, one that goes beyond the standard social media connections, fostering, through specific features, academic dissemination. These features are powerful tools that allow researchers to gain maximal visibility by indexing the content of their posts in academic databases such as EBSCO and specialized search engines such as ISIDORE, OAIster, and DOAJ. The blog also offers researchers contributing to the platform the opportunity to link ORCIDs to their posts. Also, it promotes interdisciplinary exchange between scholars on highly topical issues - such as new technologies, industry 4.0, innovation management, digital humanities - that are drastically changing our society.

Moreover, the blog serves as a powerful communication tool promoting Guglielmo Marconi University’s national and international projects and partnerships, fostering dialogue between the research world and a wide range of audiences. The blog lives on the French platform “Hypothèses,” that is home to a thousand academic blogs covering all areas of humanities and social sciences. “Hypothèses” is part of a larger portal, “OpenEdition,” that is a comprehensive digital publishing infrastructure for the dissemination of humanities and social science publications.

We strongly encourage scholars at GMU and researchers participating in GMU’s projects to send in various types of contributions. Join us online!
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