GMU Master in Interior Design: A step towards Internationalization

Strategic planning and management skills combined with creativity, unconventional forms and solutions provide students the tools to harmonize desires and images with essential practical needs. The new Master in Interior Design – available in English language – combines three fundamental elements including design, entrepreneurship and “the made in Italy”. The concept behind the implementation of these characteristics relies on the notion that a sure path to success for a ‘contemporary interior designer’ should integrate design with both managerial skills and entrepreneurial competences. In this realm of multidisciplinary learning, students also have the opportunity to come to Rome and explore the unique Italian design heritage, integrating knowledge with fundamental practical experiences. The program’s core courses focus on Foundations for Interior Design, Design Techniques, Architectural Management, Design & Entrepreneurship, Specialist training - Design Direction and Venture Lab. The innovative operational blended format allows graduated students, entrepreneurs and professional, to work and study contemporarily, tailoring the individual necessities to the latest market trends and needs.

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Master in Interior Design