Technical Requirements

If you are willing to enroll in Guglielmo Marconi University, you should feel comfortable with technology and online learning and have access to the appropriate equipment.

You should be able to:

  • access computers that meet the minimum technical requirements
  • send, receive and attach documents to an email
  • navigate computer screens and the Internet easily
  • create, save, retrieve and browse for computer files
  • download media players, software plug-ins and other free software available on the Web

Although specific technical requirements may vary by online course or program, the following general technical requirements are required for all online courses.

  • Active Email Account
  • Current Operating System: Windows or Mac
  • Internet Connection: DSL/Cable (recommended)
  • A wireless or satellite connection should not be used for taking exams/quizzes
  • Current Internet Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari
  • Word Processing Software: Microsoft Word (recommended)
  • Additional Free Software Downloads (as necessary)