Tuition and Fees

Students are required to pay the tuition fee once they are declared eligible (upon documentation check).

The payment link provided to the student includes the following methods:

  • Wire transfer transaction: in this case students have to provide copy of the bank transaction or screenshot in case of web-banking order.
  • Credit/debit card payment: The cheapest and fastest way for our students to pay their tuition fees, avoiding bank commissions fees.

Payments can be divided into several installments.

Contact for more information about payment plans.


  1. The student may ask for a total or partial refund of university fees in the following cases:
    • A currently enrolled student paid more than what is owed (*in such a case the amount will be deducted from his/her next installment)
    • A student who has completed his/her program, paid interest on arrears undue (*in such a case the student will be reimbursed)
  2. Requesting a refund:
    • The student has to send an email to explaining the reason for the refund request, attaching any necessary documentation.
    • The administration will proceed with reimbursement, informing the student upon successful completion.

Note: Since March 6th, 2012 according to the law n. 214/2011, payment refunds with amounts above €1.000,00 must be done through a bank or post account with IBAN code.