Executive MBA

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The Executive MBA is a unique training experience aimed at improving drastically, personal career objectives, managerial competences, and professional development. The program has a total duration of one year, divided into a series of training modules concerning economics, finance and markets, general management, marketing, business law, new technologies, innovation and ICT.
The Master features:

  • continuous updating of teaching methods and programs;
  • understanding the patterns of each corporate;
  • the issue of internationalization concepts to move from a local to a global scale;
  • the implementation of team working and problem solving;
  • the strong international orientation fueled by the availability of content produced by foreign teachers and by comparison with organizational and economic systems of European countries and beyond.

1 year

60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)
45 Quarter Credits 

Learning Objectives

The Executive Master in Business Administration provides the knowledge, analytical tools and planning, techniques and methodologies to achieve the following objectives:

  • integrate knowledge and skills of professionals already engaged in business activities, according to a managerial strategic approach;
  • promote change in the professional role of the worker and help him to improve their career path;
  • provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to analyze the market changes, in order to develop a professional profile able to successfully tackle the current competitive landscape, through the creation of a sound management culture.

Outcomes and Professional Profile

The Masters in Executive MBA is a useful tool for optimal placement in the labor market like:

  • Employees and consultants engaged in strategic business;
  • entrepreneurs and General Management business;
  • accountants and professionals;

The Executive MBA graduates will have found an optimal placement in the following careers:

  • General accounting clerk;
  • General and industrial accounting director;
  • Wage and contributions director;
  • Budget director;
  • Head of treasury;
  • Controller for management audit;
  • Business financial analyst;
  • Tax expert;
  • Corporate consultant;
  • Internal auditor;
  • Budget review director;
  • Risk manager;
  • Credit manager;
  • Business advisor.

Final Thesis

The final thesis of the Master’s program, intended to assess the technical, scientific and professional preparation and competences of the student, requires the completion, discussion and presentation of a written project work during the dissertation.

Study plan

  L-LIN/12 Business English 6 4.50
  SECS-S/06 SECS-P/01 Introductory Module 6 4.50
Module I SECS-P/07 SECS-P/11 Economics and Finance 6 4.50
Module II SECS-P/10 Human Resource Management 6 4.50
Module III SECS-P/09 Financial Management 6 4.50
Module IV SECS-P/08 Marketing 6 4.50
Module V IUS/12 IUS/13 International Business 6 4.50
Module VI SECS-P/10 Managerial of Innovation 6 4.50
Module VII SECS-P/10 SECS-P/11 Business Strategy 6 4.50
    Final Thesis 6 4.50
    TOTAL 60 45