School of Education

The School of Education offers theoretical and practical preparation at various levels from educational studies to intercultural communication. The courses have a unique and innovative interdisciplinary method for conducting empirical, theoretical and applied research based on the interaction of various knowledge bases: pedagogical, philosophical, anthropological, psychological, sociological and historical, among others. The School offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs for vocational education and training of primary and secondary school teachers, providing considerable expertise in the use and integration of digital technologies in classroom education. Digital learning environments, educational leadership, professional learning and knowledge management in private and public institutions have recently become the focus of the Schools’ research activity. During the 2009/10 academic year, the School of Specialization in Scientific Research Methodology and the School of Specialization in Science and Technology Support for Students with Disabilities were created to provide graduate students with innovative skills for conducting research process and planning effective educational interventions for the needs.

Director: Prof. Dante Cosi

Dante Cosi

Professors Dante Cosi, Director of the School of Education at Guglielmo Marconi University in Rome, holds a law degree from the University of Rome. Dante Cosi was assistant in public law and administrative law at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Pisa from 1967 to 1969, and until 1979 at the Faculty of Law at the University of Rome. Since 1990, Professor Cosi has been Vice-President of CIRIEC - International Center for Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy. Since 1985, he has been coordinating the Center's various research activities, including the collection of statistical data on national and regional legislation, measures concerning public bodies and non-profit organizations. An official of the Constitutional Court since 1976, he was from 1984 to 2000 Director of General Affairs and Personnel. Since February 2000 he has been Deputy Secretary General of the Constitutional Court.

Professor Cosi published several books and articles on school organization, public and private aid, public goods, public employment, social security, tourism and organizational models of public bodies. He published 2 volumes, Milan, 1977 (with F.P.Pugliese). Public Bodies in Late Eighties in Le riforme mancate: l’intervento pubblico tra vincoli ed efficienza, Milan, 1992. Private foundations legal documents part I of the volume "Le fondazioni in Italia", Milan, 1973; Associationism and Social Welfare group participation, Quire n.1-3/1984 of "Il funzionario degli enti locali"; Third System Companies and Organizations in the European Union: Italy (with Iannizzotto, Lulli, Sacconi e Zolea) CIRIEC, Liege, 2001.

From 2002, he is professor of "Legislation in social protection" for the Master's degree course at the University of Perugia.