School of Applied Sciences and Technologies

The School of Applied Science and Technology plays a leading role in preparing students for the rapid development of technology based employment opportunities. The School focuses on providing basic scientific application knowledge, on the evolution of science, new technologies and computer science.

The School aims to provide a dynamic environment that encourages academic innovation and excellence in teaching, learning and research.

Director: Prof. Paolo Citti

Paolo Citti

Graduated in nuclear engineering at the University of Pisa. In his long academic career, he has held numerous institutional positions and has been responsible for multiple national and European research projects. He coordinated research group activities, first at the University of Florence, from 1980 to 2010, and then at the G. Marconi University of Rome, where he is now Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Applied Technologies, extraordinary professor of "Quality and Safety of Mechanical Constructions". His main fields of research are: Security in the mechanic constructions; Civil Defense (Methods of evaluating risk in industrial context); Structural dynamics; Industrial diagnostic; Design of Textile machines; Machines design and construction; Automatic machines; Nanotechnologies; Development of innovating design methods (Design for Safety, Probabilistic Approach to Design, Design for Reliability, Design for Quality, Design for Six Sigma, Eco-Design); Axiomatic Design and Design for Additive Manufacturing.