Master’s Degree in Economic Sciences

The Master's Degree (MD) in Economic Sciences provides graduates with a solid knowledge of economic issues, a mastery of analysis systems and of the principles and foundations of legal order to use economic logic to cope with the issues of economic systems, companies and national and international institutions.


The Master's Degree is a 2-year program taught through the following multimedia learning tools:

  • Audio – video lectures, accessible through the web platform in an asynchronous way;
  • Text materials, accessible through the web platform;
  • Self-assessment tests: multiple choice, role playing simulations, chart test;
  • Written assignments requiring the accomplishment of specific tasks in which students show their mastery of methodologies, tools and critical autonomy.

The final exam of the program consists of the completion and discussion of a written dissertation.

In order to be admitted to the MD in Economic Sciences, applicants should possess a valid Bachelor Degree.

2 years

120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)
90 US Quarter Credits

Learning objectives

Graduates in Economic Sciences acquire a solid knowledge of Economic Finances, a mastery of analysis systems and of the principles and foundations of legal order. This course provides the competence to face the issues related to economic systems, companies and national and international institutions. 

They acquire the following skills and competences:

  • Advanced mathematical – statistics and principles;
  • High knowledge of market, economic analysis and economic policy of business;
  • High competence in use of the methodologies of economic science, of business analyzing for complexities of contemporary society;

Socio – economic problem solving in dynamic perspective.

Outcomes and Professional Profile

Graduates are able to carry out functions of high responsibility and competence – in both private and public organizations – that require an excellent command of methodology in business, economics, law and mathematical statistics. Under the current legislation, the magisterial graduates of Economic Sciences can become freelance professionals upon registration and completion of the appropriate training period.

      1st YEAR    
1     Economic Planning 12 9
2     Environmental Policies 6 4.50
3     Financial Stetments Analysis 6 4.50
4     Banking Economy  12 9
5     Economic Statistics 12 9
6     Bankruptcy Law 12 9
      Subtotal 60 45
      2nd YEAR    
7     Comparative Fiscal Systems 6 4.50
8     Public Controls on the Enterprise Crises  6 4.50
9     Economy and International Companies Management  6 4.50
10     European Union Law  6 4.50
11     Corporate Finance 6 4.50
12     Elective 6+6 4.50+4.50
      Extra - training activities 3 2.25
      Dissertation 15 11.25
      Subtotal 60 45
      TOTAL 120 90


* Electives(among those not yet taken)CFU/ECTSUS QC

SPS/07 Sociology
SECS-P/10 Human Resource Management
IUS/09 Economic Analysis of Law

6+6 4.50+4.50