Learning methodology

GMU educational approach combines traditional learning with advanced technological solutions, offering distance learning methodologies (online classes, virtual labs and simulations) and interpersonal training activities (lectures, seminars, laboratories, review and in-depth sessions). Presently, GMU has a community of over 16.000 students enrolled in graduate and postgraduate programs, a team of 300 faculty members and academic advisors and more than 200 tutoring experts. GMU also offers on-campus production and post-production laboratories, the Marconi Studios, for Cinematic Arts and Digital Media, where students can apply their knowledge and get practical training experience. Based on the academic path, students will have the opportunity to choose the mode of learning best suited for their needs, and integrate the different communication channels available to them.

Educational Model

Guglielmo Marconi University’s educational model operates according to the European learning system, introducing several innovative learning technologies to grant students the maximal academic experience.  GMU uses a blended format that includes online, face-to-face and mixed learning approaches. This innovative learning system allows people with different necessities access globally recognized European degrees. GMU latest technological applications concern Marconi's Virtual C@mpus Integrated Multimodal System (SIM) platform and GMU virtual library.